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If you have a small business the cost to have a full-time employee maintaining your systems is costly. We are an on-call company, so when you call, we come to you. You only pay for work done, never a contract to sign.


Remote Access Service – Tech Support

Your problems need attention where you are. When available, we can work remotely. If your problem is software and can be fixed remotely we’ll have you connect to us using our Instant House Call.

How we do it:

  • Establish a time for remote support by calling: 678-528-7397
  • We’ll discuss the problem and schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  • Fix most software issues without an on-site visit.
  • Assist in data restoration from your media.
  • Saves you money with no travel fee.
  • Convenient payment when service is completed.

What can we do remotely?

Click on image to make an appointment.
Click on image to make an appointment.

We can scan your PC for spyware and viruses, check system problems and more using INSTANT HOUSECALL an available technician can login now, check it out above.

If a tech is not available, please use Page A Tech for a time. By Appointment Please.

  • Computer Slow?
    Often caused by spyware and/or virus we can often repair remotely.
  • Pop-up Ads?
    Sometime these pesky ads can make your computer crash. We can get them out if you get to us quickly.
  • Need help with an application?
    Remote access allows us to help someone with an application like e-mail or other software issues.

On-Site Service

Here is what we do best.  When you call with a problem if it requires someone to come to your office or home, we’ll schedule time to meet you there.  Call 678-528-7397.


  • One Company to know your systems.
  • Prompt Service, often within hours.
  • Competitive Rates to save you money.


  • Experience
    Nearly twenty years working with computers.
  • Reliable
    Customer service and care for your systems is paramount.
  • Caring
    Taking care of your computer and software needs, ACPC your one stop shop.

Back-Up your Stuff

We setup local or off-site back-up systems. Don’t get stuck without having a backup program. You can’t afford not having a way to preserve your pictures, music and data.

When did you last hear someone complain about their hard drive crashing and ending up with nothing, was that you? Well it happened to me and since then all important data gets backed up after completing my task. What often happens the motor goes bad or the arm that hold the heads, break. Some computers will warn you this is about to be a problem.

man shooting

ACPC will assist you in setting up a local back-up program or we can setup remote back-up offsite in case of fire or theft.  What you never want to do is to input your work twice and that’s what happens when you lose data.

Say for example, you worked all day inputting your accounting or writing a book when all of a sudden the power goes out and your file didn’t save.  First thing is to save often, if you’re writing a book you should have your word processor set to save every x minutes.  You can set x to equal every minute, five or more minutes.  If you have a memory stick, use it to take a copy of your file at the end of the day by using “save as” and select your removable memory drive.

This was a simple example of how to back-up a file, but in your business there is much more to keep safe, this is where we come in.  Contact us about setting up a back-up routine to keep your stuff safe.

Virus & Spyware Removal


As a nation of computer users, most of us have been exposed to malicious codes – usually in the form of a virus attacking our systems or those of co-workers and friends. The International Computer Security Association has identified more than 90,000 viruses to date, and estimates 400 new virus codes are created every month. Not a day goes by in which a new computer bug isn’t lurking in cyberspace.

If a virus has ever attacked your computer, you know how damaging it can be. Viruses can change the contents of entire files or delete them completely; send personal and financial information to strangers; reformat your hard drive; and render your system completely inoperable. Whatever malevolent task a virus is programmed to execute, it is only compounded by the infuriating loss of time it takes to identify and remove it from your system.

A virus is a computer program that lives in shared computer files and has the ability to replicate itself, potentially spreading to scores of other systems – most often via e-mail and usually within minutes. Viruses can also be spread via downloaded Internet files, a computer network at the office, or through files stored on shared floppy disks.

So what’s the best way to protect your system from computer viruses? Keep your Anti-Virus programs up to date. Always scan your computer or have it run scans during off hours (your PC must be turned on) and avoid websites where these bugs come from. Never open e-mail from people you don’t know and avoid opening e-mail with attachments unless you’re expecting it. Most Internet Services use programs to scan for viruses in every piece of e-mail sent or received through their networks – as many as eight million e-mails each day. Of those scanned, one percent are found to be infected and are removed from the network.

Now Available from ACPC.
Anti-virus products.

  • Symantec – The worlds most popular.
  • PandaSoftware – Up and coming with many options.
  • AVG – A Free Anti-Virus Program which is gaining in popularity and effectiveness.

  • Networking


    With wired or wireless networking you can make your business more productive by sharing files and printer resources. Even at your home, networking will allow your entire family to share printers and files.

    In today’s’ world swapping disks to share data is an outdated technology. We have networking to connect multiple computers with cable or  wireless. ACPC, INC. has the technology and experience to safely connect your PC’s together.

    Key Benefits
    • Networking is safe.
    • Networking allows file and printer sharing.
    • Wireless offers flexibility.


    1. We can setup your LAN with a firewall to protect your data.
    2. Share your files, share printing to save money on hardware and supplies.
    3. Place computers anywhere you need one, even without running cables.