Custom Built and Ready to Ship Computers

All your needs from one provider saves you money and time from hunting down the things you need, let us handle it. We build new computers, notebooks, servers and more. All with 1 year standard warranty, extended available on most products.
Using our Build Your PC option, you can choose from RTS (Ready to Ship) or build your own computer(s). They are built locally and should it ever need service, it’s all done right here in Atlanta. No need to ship off anything.

PC Configurator  (Build A New Computer)

Virus & Spyware Removal

Learn about these bugs and what we recommend to get rid of them.
Anti-virus products:

  • Symantec – The worlds most popular.
  • PandaSoftware – Up and coming with many options.
  • AVG – A Free Anti-Virus Program which is gaining in popularity and effectiveness.
  • Other Anti-Virus information

Networking Products

Get the right parts for your network. We’ll install and support all your networking needs.
We do it all, wired, wireless and even Bluetooth.

Make your office more productive with networking making it possible to share files printers and Internet with only one connection. Read more about Networking.

Key Benefits:

  • Connect multiple computers to each other for sharing files.
  • Share your Internet connection.
  • Save money by sharing resources like printers.



ACPC, INC is a one stop shop for our customers because we have access to thousands of computer products and accessories. We’ll bring what you order to you so you can stay productive at work.