How much does it cost to use a brick and mortar store?

The average cost to get your laptop computer worked on is a couple hundred dollars just to look at it.

ACPC, INC charges an hourly rate which is considerably less than the retail stores.

What about my data?

Our number one goal is to protect your data, if your data can be saved we will save it and not hold your computer ransom for it.

Do we bring the machine to you?

No need, we are an onsite service company so we come to you so when we leave you can use your computer.

Why? You may have custom setup that is best configured on-site.


What is the cost to come to me?

A one-way trip only.

What is your hourly rate?

Home rates start at $72 an hour with most jobs billed at a maximum of two hours.

Do you have flat rate billing?

Yes, Hardware Repair $39 plus parts
Software Install or Fix $39 per package
Virus Removal starting at $59
Flat rate billing is per PC
Please call for a specific quote.

What is your hourly rate for my business?

For most small businesses, our normal rate is $90 an hour, however, if you have our coupon it's only $79 per hour.