Company Profile

Ron Rosenthal, ACPC’s owner is our resident hardware trouble shooter specializing in things like computer viruses, network issues and does web page design in his spare time. He is a general applications specialist, knows DOS, Win9x, NT, XP, 2000, 2003, Win8, and Win10. Ron served as head of Technical Support at Micro Center for over 9 years. He really is our jack of all trades.

Some of our clients are veterinarian clinics, non-profit organizations, general contractors, lawyers, CPA’s, plumbers, electricians, glass companies, gas products, lawn care, tree services, manufacturers, paving, heating and air. If your business needs reliable and affordable service, please give us a call.

With several techs available for on-site support we’re taking care of your needs more timely than ever. When you call our office during normal business hours we normally can handle your support request in a few hours.

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